Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

There’s a lot of content out there on how to properly and safely clean the exterior of your car, but what about the interior? Most car interiors get messy and dirty just as easily and frequently as the exterior does. Today’s blog is all about how best to clean your car’s interior – and how some Lusso Gear can help you keep it that way!

Scrub Before Vacuuming

This tip sounds a little strange, but hear us out. When you vacuum the seats and carpets, loosen any embedded dirt or dust in them first. You can do this with a brush by scrubbing the dirt to loosen the most embedded particles, and then you can easily remove them with a vacuum. This method means you don’t always have to resort to harsh chemicals to get out some of the most stubborn stains.
For the seats at least, you could use a Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector to help prevent further dirt and dust from contaminating the seat after you’ve cleaned it. Cleaning the protector is a lot easier than cleaning your car upholstery fabric!

Remove Some Trash Every Time You Get Out

Building up good habits is another great way to help clean up the car’s interior. If you make it a rule that you and every passenger have to take with them at least one piece of trash whenever they get out of the car, you should be able to control the volume of trash that builds up in the car over time.
Another neat solution would be some kind of trash can that you could also have in your car. The Lusso Gear Car Trash Can offers 2.5 gallons of storage for trash, ensuring none has to go on the floor, under the seats or anywhere else. That tip should clear up any trash problem.

Put in Extra Storage

A well-used family car can easily get overloaded with extra ‘necessities’ that help journeys go by without incident. We mean toys, games, device chargers and more. Most modern cars have a good amount of storage, but it’s best to have some extra, especially some that is more easily accessible from the kids’ seats.

Use Car-Friendly Products for All Cleaning

Ammonia-based products in particular are a big no-no for the car’s interior. The chemical can ruin almost every interior material in most cars. When you have to clean off kids’ footprints from the seat back or fingerprints and smudges from the dash, infotainment screen or other controls, always look for the “car-safe” indicator on the cleaning products that you purchase.
For one of these problems, a Lusso Gear Kick Mat might be just what you need. A kick mat not only will help keep the car upholstery clean and free of scratches but also gives you extra storage pockets within easy reach of rear passengers.

Stay on Top of the Mess, Maintain the Right Ambience

The real secret to keeping the car interior clean is staying on top of the small things that can otherwise pile up when you don’t attend to them. When you take small and effective steps to manage the little things like litter, dirt, dust, and clutter, the interior of your car stays clean and tidy.
Now your car interior is good to go no matter where you’re headed.

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