Trash Can installation instruction

Have you purchased our car trash can and want to know to how to install the trash can into your vehicle? Just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1

Remove leakproof liner.

Step 2

Open velcro tab on inner right rim.

Step 3

Flatten plastic strip and insert through opening.

Step 4

Feed plastic strip through inner rim and close velcro.

Step 5

Push down at bottom trash can to expand the base.

Step 6

Secure the leakproof liner to velcro trim.

Step 7

Choose location for car trash can.

Step 8

Place strip around desired location. Clip buckle and tighten.

Step 9

Optional: Peel sticker back to attach velcro tab to car.

Step 10

Optional: Insert disposable bag and secure bag handles to outside clip.

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